Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I made a short round to see what is interesting to shoot for Daily. I guessed that a lot of the scenes and things people are doing are similar all over the world.

In the supermarket I thought this must look the same everywhere, except maybe for this shot. Each supermarket, big or small sells flowers. Two ladies are looking for a nice bunch of flowers to put on the table, give to a friend or something(when you bring a small visit it is a custom to bring some tulips are whatever). Do you see this kind of flower stalls also at your supermarket?


Cezar and Léia said...

Yes I like it a lot!I'm always confused by the names of the flowers here, sometimes it's different than I used to know.
Those flowers are really beautiful.
Great shot Marcel!

Lois said...

Yes! Most of the bigger supermarkets here have flower shops and they usually have a nice variety to choose from.

Frank said...

You're right that there are great similarities from country to country but what I like to see in other places are the number of outdoor shops for flowers, cheese, meats, etc. That is something I wish we had more of in the US. This scene, as Lois said, is like many large markets here. Even with the sameness, I like seeing your country, its shops and people. Very nice!!