Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Apple pie

This weekend I ate an apple pie which was so good! The smell of the pie was so pure and natural that I waited a while just to smell the fine odor of fresh apples and crust.
The taste was awesome, together with real whipped cream it was a perfect combination. I cannot remember that I enjoyed an apple pie that much.

I ate it very slow to enjoy each bit...

It appeared that the apple pie come from the Dudok Grand Café in Rotterdam, delivered every morning fresh... The Grand Cafés of Dudok have a good reputation in The Netherlands.  

One of the wisdoms of life is to always enjoy your cup of coffee, no matter what your situation is. I feel they can add apply pie to it. :)


Tony said...

i think this is the best post you have ever posted!! i think one can sail two of the biggest dutch ships in my mouth right now!!

MaCoBra said...

Hi Tony, thanks for your comment!!
Apply pie does have it's sentiments.. Cheers from Marcel

JM said...

Yummy! I'm off to lunch now! :-)

Randy said...

Only thing missing was the ice cream.