Sunday, January 13, 2013

Want new car

I think it's time for a new car... I took this shot when I worked for a caterer who catered for the new years party at the Aston Martin dealer. We were a bit nervous to cater for such a posh public, but the atmosphere was really releaxed and friendly. Old money is more educated then new money I guess. The good thing is we are invited to do much more catering for them, they really liked our food :)


Randy said...

Nice but that's too much flash for me.

Hilda said...

I've discovered that too in my work. They're usually much nicer and less obnoxiously demanding too. Glad to hear about the catering.

I can probably afford a cast metal model of a Jaguar, but that's it.

Lawrence Harkness said...

That’s nice; very flashy. I can only dream of having a car like this. Perhaps someday, when my loans are settled and I’m earning well. =) For now, I have to settle with my hand-me-down rusty old truck. It’s still reliable and has never let me down anyway. =)

Lawrence Harkness

Ashely Redden said...

“I think it's time for a new car..” - The picture explains it all. It's a great inspiration to get a new car. It's been months, have you already bought a new car? If you still haven't, I would highly recommend choosing a car that is practical, yet stylish, if you are to use it everyday. #Ashely @

Paul Crabtree said...

I'll definitely go for a new car after seeing this fascinating one. Sadly, I still have to wait for a couple of months before I can buy my own. Hehe! Its been nine months now, and I hope you've already bought your new car. Just post an update about your new car, please? :)

Paul Crabtree @