Thursday, December 11, 2008

Second Square (former army barracks)

A side from the central square there is a small square, inside the 'inner court' of the former army barracks (1700 army barracks). This square used to be hidden and not used until they reorganized the centre a few years ago. It's an intimate little square which is used by restaurants and an Italian delicacy shop.


babooshka said...

It has been made good use of. Much better an Italian to dine than Army Barracks.

mkhansen said...

These photos of the former army barracks are interesting. Looks like a wonderful place to eat out under the sky. (MurciaDailyPhoto had some interesting photos of an ex-army barracks in Spain earlier this month, too.)

It impresses me that these barracks were so pleasant -- and lucky now so that they can be put to other uses.