Wednesday, March 2, 2011

House from 1602

Cities are constantly changing every hundred year a city looks different. Mainly due to simply wearing out or fashion houses are demolished and new ones erected. But sometimes some houses remain for various reasons. This is one of them, from 1602, tucked away between others on a one way street.

Studying the text above the portal the house has been an act of good works..

Mr. Evert van de Poll in his life a lawyer of the country of Utrecht, hating all slackness, founded this workhouse for the ones who rather make their living with work than with slack begging en by this making themselves into his heir 1602.


Halcyon said...

It's beautiful. Let's hope it's still there in another hundred years or so.

Randy said...

That really is a lovely place. I love older architecture.

Doug Hickok said...

I love old things and old places, and the feelings they stir within.