Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Longplaying Plate

A shot of a record cover, we call records LP's which is an abbreviation of 'Longplaying Plate'. I have the old record player of my parents and my fathers record collection.
I am from the time that the CD did his introduction when I started to buy music. So I don't have records of myself, but I have taken an interest in playing records. The only thing is after each 30 min or less you need to turn the record, or put a new one on. Why did they ever called it longplaying..?

This particular record didn't impress me, it is some Belgium folksinger.


Tony said...

May be it had the longest playing time than any thing else at those times.
My father use to have a good record collection, but the coming of cassette player reduced its importance and I still regret how me and my cousins use to play with those like Frisbees and destroyed the whole collection when i was a kid. its a pity that some things cannot be undone. :(

Steffe said...

Ha, you really are a kid then! I have a few hundred LP's at home.

Randy said...

I love the sound of an LP. Nice shot.

Gunn said...

That is a good question!:)

LP´s have become very popular here in Norway, mainly by (hip-trendy-retro style) people who suddenly look like they live in the year 1972.