Friday, November 28, 2008

12 happy Sint and Piets

Before Christmas is coming we have Sinterklaas, that is a National festivity celebrating the visit of Saint Nicholas from Spain (see Ineke's blog, Rotterdam, for more Sinterklaas entries). Usually holiday gifts giving is done on this holiday at the 5th of December.

This is a box with 12 happy looking Sints and Piets..

I will be going to Stockholm for a weekend to play Sinterklaas for the Dutch community in Sweden. It is great fun to do and maybe the Hanninge blog will do an entry..

The chocolats are for our hosts in Stockholm (I will be staying on Ostermalm!)


Kate said...

It sounds like a fun holiday. I celebrated Saint Nicholais Day as a child as did my own children, and now our grandchildren carry on the tradition. Have a good time!!

Ineke said...

Sounds fantastic. Have a nice time!