Sunday, November 23, 2008

And more snow..

As I write this the snow is falling outside and it is all quit at home and outside. For some reason snow always reminds me of peace thats probably because flocks wihrl down so slow.
This is a pricture of the Calvinistical Church across the street, oposite my house, taken from my window. The building is from the 1930's build in the tipical Dutch thirties style. It is quite a lively community as I see a lot of people go to church on sunday morning. Some times when I pass by you can hear the psalms singing of the evening service. It reminds me a lot of home and childhood when our parents used to take us to all the services in the traditional church of my home town.


babooshka said...

I think we will all be under early snow soon. Lovely loooking church, not a design we see here.

Kat said...

Loved ur blog!!
Snow's always a great thing :)