Thursday, November 27, 2008

Old Dutch Pastry Booth

The 'Old Dutch Pastry Booth' is in the centre (only during november and december) selling a type of bun backed in oil. I bought one yesterday and made a picture of the booth.

The lady who was selling the buns asked me to send her the link to the blog. She works part time at the booth, to help out the owners, and started when she was 16. She finds it great fun to do!

Inside the booth you can see a picture of our Queen.


istanbuldailyphoto said...

Hi, i am not Gourmet but photography is wonderful. Greetings.

Tanya said...

I bet those are yummy! We have something similar, called a funnel cake which is cake mix, drizzled in hot oil and served with powdered sugar, it is delicious!

Ineke said...


angela said...

That looks delicious..yummy! I'm quite glad we don't have one of these near us or I'd eat them all the time..they look a bit like donuts