Friday, April 3, 2009

The Protestant Graveyard

In Woerden there is an old, (not used) graveyard within the old centre. It is always locked but I found a spot where I can sneak through the fence. It is very peacefully and slowly decaying. Visiting such a local graveyard I realize that I am visiting our ancestors, who lived in the same town, who looked fairly the same. The names on the stones are all family names which are connected to Woerden.

The picture is the entrance gate. On top there is a symbol of a bee. I looked it up in the dictionary and the bee is in Christianity a symbol for order, chastity, purity, sweetness and faithful speech. It was very quit there …..


Vogon Poet said...

Strange and beautiful symbol for a graveyard. Here three bees are in our provincial crest, but I think they are Napoleonic in origin.
Interesting post and nice detail.

Cezar and Léia said...

Beautiful detail!
Great post!

Hilda said...

So you're now sneaking into old graveyards, Marcel? Whatever will you be doing next? ;D

Very interesting post, especially about the bee — first time I've heard of it as a Christian symbol.