Sunday, April 26, 2009

Three Dike Houses

Here three pictures of dike houses, they are numerous, but I stopped to take a picture of these.

If you ever will make a trip on one of the river dikes in Holland (usually there is a road on the dikes). You will discover lovely little towns and villages. Usually these towns kept their old character and maintained their history.

The years roughly 1700-1950 were the poor years of Holland. It was also the period that Holland was 'closed'. The border was open but the mindset of the people was to stick to itself and to limit the world up to its own borders. There wasn't really much development. This resulted sometimes in magnificent 'time leaps' a town can look the same as it did 200 years ago. Some even still have a lot of medieval buildings.
Now a days they are very appreciated and preserved well, making that they possibly look better then they ever did..


Vogon Poet said...

Thank you for the images of these delightful houses and for the historical insight. Everything is so neat, clean and kept in order. Are these houses expensive, now?

Cezar and Léia said...

This place is wonderful,I loved the last picture!
I bet the houses are very expensive nowadays!
Kind Regards
Léia :-)

Julie said...

The houses look wonderful. I do like the morning light that you have captured them in. Thank you for the insights into dike houses.

m_m said...

They are lovely! I like the shape of every of them! Great place!

Lois said...

They are so well kept and nice looking! Thanks for the historical information too.

Juan Manuel said...

Very beautiful photo and very pretty report about the river, the houses and the ships.
Best regards.

Ineke said...


marieloupe said...

So peaceful and calm. Its a place to really live!