Monday, January 26, 2009

The Hague 1. Big or Saint Jacob Church

The Hague time! I will start with on of the skyline features, de Grote of Jacobs Kerk, the Big or St Jacob Church. I passed this building by on a daily basis.

The church is one of the oldest buildings dating from 1200. It is still in use by the Dutch Reformed Church, but for special occasions. It is indeed a very big church, from the inside it has a typical Protestant interior, white and with not much decoration.

It is a building you can rent for 'fitting occasions' so sometimes there is a book fair, exhibitions, meetings etc. I can recall there has been also a CD presentation, which actually was a huge party. When I passed by you saw party goers enter and the medieval windows were tinkling away due to the dance beat.

I have been there ones with a Christmas celebration that was a special occasion because the building was really jammed with believers. The Church is used by the Royals for weddings and baptisms.

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Julie said...

Thanks for the New year wishes. I love your photo of the mouse and cheese, as well as the church today. great photos.