Sunday, January 25, 2009

Two cheese warehouses

Here it is the other former cheese warehouses. This one has gotten a good new destination, some kind of art store. This has been an art store as long as I remember. One with the motto 'less is more'. The shop window always looks empty.
Here is a 'peep' inside the shop (not very impressive).

This next building has been a cheese warehouse as well, located just besides the other one. I have a memory attached to this warehouse, years ago, it must have been 20 years ago, I passed by and took a look inside. I saw the racks with cheese on them; I can recall the strong smell of wax and ripening cheese. The building has been properly restored since it is declared a 'state monument'. I also took a look through the window, the building is empty and the wooden racks are disassembled and put against the wall. The system of 'state monuments' protects buildings with a legacy, but that makes them sometimes ending up as empty buildings without further usage.

I will stop my entries about cheese for now. I have been this saturday morning to The Hague, made some great pictures; so I will do an entry on The Hague for a few days.

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