Friday, May 15, 2009

Castle Attic

This is a shot of the attic of the castle, under the roof is a 'ballroom'. A nice place for a party or meeting. The only thing I personally pitty is that the castle of Woerden doesn't have the atmosphere of an old castle.


Vogon Poet said...

Looks like a fine place anyway: the vault is beautiful and the lights quite original.

White Oleander said...

I'd like to have a party in this'd be a very stylish party.

PAK said...

Yes, interesting place, and interesting (although modern) arrangement of the place.

Atmosphere? Yes, it's a pity. But it is so common...*

*) An old joke:
-- Is there an atmosphere on the Monn?
-- No, also there is not an atmosphere.

Julie said...

This looks like one of the areas we have on my campus for student to eat in.

Cezar and Léia said...

I liked this kind of atmosphere!
Lovely shot Marcel!I liked those chairs too!

m_m said...

It looks nice and well prepared for a party:) Let's start the party - we have tagged you:) More information on our blog:)

Halcyon said...

This looks like a nice place for lunch or a coffee.

I hope you are not offended when I comment on your typos. Sometimes I find them very funny!! :)

And don't eat at the Concordia unless you want to. I am just curious about things like that.

Lois said...

Those light fixtures are interesting!

Ineke said...

Marcel, ik heb geen aparte link/url vanmijn updates.Je kunt dat volgens mij in je profiel of settings aangeven, dat ze getoond moeten worden. ik zal er nog even induiken.
onder welke naam twitter je?