Saturday, May 9, 2009

Three Centuries

This photo is a continuation of yesterday. The houses you see are located just besides the 'Dom' tower. The house at the left is from 1735, the gate from 1634 (don't know what its history is but it leads to the St. Martin park/guarden) and the house on the right is from 1860.

Thanks for the comments of yesterday! I do feel that you life ones and schould go for the best and develop yourself. Starting your own business is scary in a way, but I look forward to the energy it gives! Any way still will take about a year before I really could start.

Have a nice day today!


Vogon Poet said...

Have a nice weekend, Marcel!

Cezar and Léia said...

"Go for your dreams"!!!!
Everything will be okay!
HAve a nice weekend Marcel
Léia :-)

Lois said...

Thanks for the second view! I like that one on the left. You have a nice day too!

Julie said...

To see such an array of buildings so close together from three centuries is quite astounding to someone from a country that was only settled by Europeans 200+ years ago. Interesting post, Marcel.