Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cooky Bakery

Some things are so old that it makes me think how did it survive the times? This building started on the 5th of June 1726, as a 'Tekantjes and Cooky bakery', the bakery stayed there until 1985. The shop stil has it's interior of the 1700's.

The bill board with the dubble eagle says: "Cooky bakery of the Dubble Eagle" (the origional is in the museum).

The sign above the ground floor is the symbol of the University of Utrecht. The text ‘SOL JUSTITIAE ILLUSTRA NOS’ means 'sun of justice, enlight us'. The seal with the round text says ‘AMICORUM CONSENSUS VIRTUEM ALIT GAUDIUMQUE’, which means 'Unanimous friends is a basis for determination and joy'. The date 1876 is attached when the bakery became the 'court' supplier for the student corps.

This bakery was very popular when it started and played a role in a 'cooky hype' about 200 years ago.


Vogon Poet said...

Beautiful and interesting post, I appreciated the photos and the details.

Brett said...

great shot

m_m said...

I like the architecture of this house. It seems to be very calm but some elements make that it is intriguind as well. Very nice pics.

Halcyon said...

I like the red door and the bike outside. It just makes this photo so Dutch.

What is the "cooky hype"? Does this have something to do with chocolate chips? ;)

cieldequimper said...

Lovely place, very nice photos.