Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Hague 15. The Royal Palace

I have reached the Royal Palace, one of them, it's the work palace of the Queen, and here she keeps office. In the front you see the state symbol with the crown, in the back the balcony from which the family sometimes stand and wave to us. I have lived 7 years in The Hague, never seen anything of them though.

No one time I saw one of the princes. It was the opening of 'Miss Saigon’; I worked in the VSB Circus Theatre. I had to go up the stairs in the guest area to fetch something and there was one.. we passed each other on the stairs.

It was a moment when a heavenly choir started to sing and divine light was illuminated... eeuh.. That is what we call the 'Orange spell', their aura and institution is so intertwined with nationality, history and social-something, that the Royal Institute is still going strong.

A closer look.


m_m said...

Nice photos and interesting story. I'm still wondering if we see also pics of Woerden the other day:)

Saretta said...

Funny story! And a beautiful building.