Thursday, February 5, 2009

Haring additon/ addiction

Vogan Poet blog asked me a question on the text on the haring stand, here is your answer :)


MALS means tender
MAATJES is more difficult to translate, literally it means 'a plural amount of small friends' or it could mean 'several small sizes'. Probably it originates from the last meaning. It stands for haring prepared the Dutch way. The way Dutch haring is prepared is different from other countries, as far as I know. When the haring is captured the gut is removed with a special knife. It leaves the pancreas, then it is put in a wooden jar, with salt where it ferments. The grease from the pancreas has some effect on the meat. After an amount of time the haring is ready to be eaten.

Raw fermented fish is usually disgusting but in some way very good, addictive even. Northern countries (especially Scandinavia) have all kinds of rotten fish dishes which smells horrible but actually has a saliva-ing effect on your pallet.

I couldn't find an English page on Haring, but here is one. It also shows the stand in the Hague, so I have been speaking the truth.... :)

BELEGDE BROODJES means 'dressed roll' which would be a white bun with Gouda cheese..


Rambling Round said...

Interesting, but it sure doesn't sound appetizing!

Vogon Poet said...

Thank you very much for this exhaustive explanation. It's really disgusting... but I'll give it a try!
Wonderful post!

B Squared said...

I should think that I would be very thin if I lived there.

My Way said...

I tried this once only...lekker maar niet zo..:)Groetjes!