Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Hague 22. Orthodox Church

After more then three weeks in The Hague I figure it is time to return home. I reached my car and will had back from the west of the country to the centre in just 45 minutes!
I parked my car close to the Orthodox Church, yes there are a few. It can't be compared to the Orthodox Church of Nice. I have been inside ones, not to attend church, but the community rents rooms. I was a student and needed a room; I thought it was odd, man in black ropes, religious images everywhere and no locks on the doors! So I skipped the option.


Vogon Poet said...

No locks on door? Really?

m_m said...

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Hilda said...

Unusual architecture compared to its neighbors, but very lovely!

Adamgv said...

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