Friday, March 20, 2009


We happen to be in Strasbourg during the carnival (isn’t that supposed to be over after Ash Wednesday?) . It was very interesting to see, the carnival is quite different from the one you see over here (much less alcohol is flowing). It was great fun, a lot of people dressed up with themes. A lot of French candy was thrown.
The king and queen of the carnival, they were enjoying themselves so much they made it onto the papers.

The crisis wagon.

There were groups throwing flags high in the air.


Lois said...

The costumes are beautiful! Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. I am glad you are enjoying my palm trio picture!

koala said...

A weird time for a carnival.

Halcyon said...

It is a bit late in the season, but perhaps the weather was bad. Carnival in France is sort of like what Halloween is to American children. They all dress up in their costumes for school and get lots of candy.

Olga said...

Got to love uncle Sam on crisis wagon! thanks for sharing!

Vogon Poet said...

Carnival? Now? Who is that peroxide musketeer dressed up like Uncle Sam?
Nice Queen, really nice Queen!

B Squared said...

I love the one with "Uncle Sam." Now the money bag should have an I.O.U. on it.