Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hidden Mural

I could spend months blogging on the Dome so I will stick to one particular shot.

First a very short history of the Dome Church: it's probably near the site of the first church of Utrecht, founded by St. Willibort in 600, dedicated to St. Martin (the protection Saint of The Netherlands). It has been a rich Catholic Church until the reformation when it became Protestant and which it remained till today, it still functions as a church and has an active community.

During restorations they found some artefacts which survived the iconoclasm of 1572. This painting was found under layers of chalk. When I see it I am always fascinated, as if it is a 'window' to the past, knowing that people of five to six hundred years ago looked at the same image almost unchanged.

Information on the church
The dome from the air with Google maps

And this is how it sounded today....... :0


Vogon Poet said...

Nice post, liked the clip with the sound of bells! It seems so real...

Lois said...

The mural is beautiful especially when I enlarge it. I love the added bonus of the video!

Julie said...

this mural is wonderful. well done