Sunday, March 22, 2009

Daemons, hobgoblins, trolls, gnomes and devils

Daemons, hobgoblins, trolls, gnomes and devils were plentiful present at the Carnival. This one attacked me, when he noticed I took a picture of him, and I noticed he noticed, my fate was sealed. I tried to run away but it came after me, performing some ritual on my head with the thing he has in is hand. I called for help but nobody came to the rescue...they all laughed at me.

(when you zoom in the first picture you can see the eyes of the man behind the mask making his judgement)

I wonder is this some kind of folclore?


Vogon Poet said...

You took some really funny shots over there, and at risk!
Great shots, funny post!

B Squared said...

Must scare the heck out of little kids.

PAK said...

Probably -- yes :)
(I know some similar to them, but not from my town.)

brooklynpix said...

I like the look of those hairy monsters, but not from too close up!