Monday, March 9, 2009


Have a glass of Perlino! When you’re up or down, this sweet, rich spicy wine, makes your heart joyfull... I discovered it at the local Italian Deli and actually bought it because I liked the label. It has become one of my favourite drinks, at the end the day, sipping and over thinking the events which passed me that day...

The wine comes from Italy, the Piedmont region, the Perlino product line has several sparkling, aromatized and fortified wines and vermouth.. So if you have a sweet tooth:


Vogon Poet said...

I don't know Perlino

Vogon Poet said...

Ooops, sorry: I cut my comment short by mistake!

I don't know Perlino, but tomorrow I'll check around and at my wine shop, where I mostly buy soft drinks and beer from Netherland!